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Caution on the use of color coated steel coil
- Nov 14, 2017 -


Reasonable apply the caution on the use of color coated steel coil can not only to avoid some unnecessary losses but also extend its service life, such as some details of the relevant raw materials in the course of the operation. HUADA thinks that if these details can get the attention of each staff, it will be more conducive to enhance the availability of the raw materials.

The top paint of the color coated steel coil is mainly based on the use, the use of environmental corrosion, apply lifetime, durability, processing methods and the degree of deformation. Different top paint varieties will have differences in the hardness, flexibility, adhesion etc..

There exist certain differences of different bottom paint adhesion, endurance and corrosion resistance. Bottom paint is generally selected according to the production process , use, the use of environmental corrosive, and bottom paint matching by supplier.

Corrosion resistance is generally increased with the add of coating thickness, and while ordering, we should determine the coating thickness based on the corrosivity of use environment, apply lifetime, durability and other factors.