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Color selection of color coated panels
- Aug 12, 2018 -

Color selection of color coated panels:

The choice of colors is mainly considered to match the surrounding environment and the owner's hobbies, but from the point of view of the use of technology, light colored coatings have a wide choice of pigments, and can choose inorganic pigments with superior durability (such as titanium dioxide), and the paint has a strong thermal reflection (reflectivity is twice that of dark coatings) for summer coating. The temperature of the layer itself is relatively low, which is beneficial for prolonging the life of the coating. In addition, even if the coating is discolored or powdered, the contrast between the light color coating and the original color is small, and the effect on the appearance is not great. Dark colors (especially bright colors) are mostly organic colors, which fade easily when exposed to ultraviolet light, and change color within 3 months.

For color coated steel plate, the thermal expansion rate of coating and steel plate is usually different, especially the linear expansion coefficient of metal substrate and organic coating is quite different. When the ambient temperature changes, the interface between substrate and coating will occur expansion or shrinkage stress, if it can not be properly released, coating cracking will occur.

In addition, here are two points to be taken into consideration in the domestic market.

One is that there are plenty of white primers in China. The purpose of using white primers is to reduce the thickness of the topcoat, as the corrosion resistant primers for normal buildings are yellowish green (hence the presence of strontium chromate pigments) and must be sufficiently thick.

Secondly, the color coated steel sheets used in the same project with different manufacturers, different batches of color coated steel sheets in the construction seems to be the same color, but after several years of sunlight, different coatings of different manufacturers of color change trend is different, resulting in serious color difference, such examples are too many. Even products from the same supplier are strongly recommended for the same project to be ordered at one time, as different batches of products from different paint suppliers are likely to increase the likelihood of color aberration.