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Good Performance Of Steel Coil
- Nov 22, 2017 -


      Steel coil, also known as roll steel. Steel hot pressing, cold pressure molding for the roll-like. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation, facilitate the processing of various processes (such as processing into steel, steel strips, etc.). The forming rolls are mainly hot rolled coils and cold rolled rolls. Hot rolled coils are processed products before billet recrystallization. Cold rolled coils are the follow-up process of hot rolled coils. The general weight of the steel coil is 15-30t around. This year, China's hot rolling production capacity has been expanding, there are dozens of hot rolling production lines, there are some projects will be opened or put into production.

      Coil sold mainly for large customers, the general users do not have the equipment or the amount of limited. Therefore, the subsequent processing of steel coils will be a promising industry. 

     Low-temperature steels are suitable for use in 0 ℃ alloy steels. Can be used under 196 ℃, known as cryogenic steel or ultra-low temperature steel. Low-temperature Steel should have the following properties: Toughness-brittle transition temperature is lower than the use of temperature, to meet the design requirements of the strength, the use of temperature in the structure of stability, good weldability and processing formability, some special use also requires very low permeability, cold shrinkage rate. Low-temperature steel according to crystal lattice type generally can be divided into body heart cubic ferrite low-temperature steel and Heart cube austenitic low-temperature steel two categories.

    Most of the rolls of the front cold rolled strip are made of reel coiling machine, the equipment configuration is simpler, mainly by the reel and its transmission system, pressure roller, movable support and push roll, unloading coil and other devices. Reel and its transmission system constitute the core part of Coiler, and the coiling machine with high productivity often has a help-coil device.


    According to the use of coiler can be divided into large tension coiling machine and finishing machine two types. Large tension coiler is mainly used in reversible rolling mill, continuous rolling mill, stand mill and levelling machine. Finishing machine is mainly used for continuous annealing, pickling, coating and slitting, heavy volume and other production units.