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marble color plate
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Marble color plate

Caitu new members of the industry. Color coated steel sheet is made of cold-rolled steel and galvanized steel as the substrate, after the surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), the coating method by a continuous coating method (roll coating method), after baking and cooling system Into the product. Coated steel plate with light, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, but also direct processing, it provides the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, the electrical industry provides a new type of raw materials, played a steel generation Wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good results.

All three three-baking process from processing:

A coating: the front and back paint and drying curing (a coating of a baking)

Two Tu: The front and back paint and drying curing (two Tu two bake, not demanding the reverse side of the building board is not painted)

Three Tu: front paint and drying curing (three Tu three baking, high-end appliances board)


Common two coating two bake type continuous color coating unit process The main production process: uncoiler ------- stitching machine ------ pressure roller ------ tensioner --- - Open-loop looper ----- alkaline degreasing ------ Cleaning ---- Drying ------- Passivation ------- Drying ------ Chu Tu ------- first painted drying ------ finishing paint ------ finish paint drying ------ cool air cooling ------ reeling Set ----- Winder ----- (Volume packing warehouse)