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Market competition trend of colored coated steel plates in China
- May 18, 2017 -

Color coated steel plate is a cold-rolled plate, hot-dip galvanized plate, galvanized sheet, etc., after the surface pretreatment, on its surface coated organic coatings, and then processed by the production process. It brings together the advantages of substrate and organic coatings, with the strength of substrate, corrosion resistance, easy processing, hardness value and the bright color and aesthetics of organic coatings. In recent years, China's color-coated plate production is growing, can the emergence of excess capacity, can enlarge the scale of production, and occasionally troubled many colorful board factory bosses, now at home and abroad to make a brief analysis of the situation.

1 Color plate capacity expansion in recent years

China's color coated plate production history is not long, but the pace of development in recent years is very alarming. As early as 1995, China's color coated steel plate production is only about 120,000 tons, its quality compared with similar products abroad, there are a certain gap. A few years later, the iron and steel enterprises based on the rapid growth of color coated steel market, a new batch of color coated steel plate production of money, 2002, has been put into operation of the size of the color coated steel plate production line of 30 long, design capacity of nearly 1.8 million tons. By the end of 2003, China's 124 enterprises built color coated board production line to reach 169, capacity to reach 8.74 million tons. China Steel Industry Association member units (WISCO, Baosteel, Angang, Pangang, Shougang and so on) 7, capacity 1.04 million tons; non-member units 162, capacity 7.7 million tons. However, because most production lines are affected by low equipment level, weak technical strength and unstable raw material supply, the unit operation rate is low. At present, the domestic color plate market is still in the self-production half, the import of half, in the state of supply. 2003 gross domestic production of 1.4546 million tons, imports 1.1016 million tons, exports 16200 tons, total apparent consumption of 2.5399 million tons.

2 Low end product, low-end product overcapacity

At present, the domestic color coated products are relatively low grades, high-quality, high-tech content, low value-added products, such products are still unable to meet the demand of the market, while low-grade ordinary product capacity is very large, already there is excess phenomenon.