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The promotion and application of the future color coated plate products
- Apr 28, 2018 -

In the future, the demand for high-end construction market, with the development trend of steel structure in twenty-first Century, the demand for ultra durable color coated panels is increasingly widespread. The design institute has put forward the concrete life warranty on the service life of the color coating board in the high end building design standard. The new design concept and the application of the new building material have become an inevitable trend. Especially in the future low energy residential buildings and green building industrialization, the design and application of new materials become the focus of attention of the industry. The application advantages of super durable color painting board and windows, today, the global green building storm is blowing up, our country on the safety of building materials, environmental protection and energy saving and other requirements are becoming more and more strict, the building energy efficiency requirements are also increasing year by year (for example, the Beijing area energy saving rate will be the first to rise from 65% to 75%). Compared with the traditional real abdominal steel windows and doors and windows, the new color coated steel doors and windows have many advantages, such as light weight, high intensity, large light area, dustproof, sound insulation, insulation, fire protection, anticorrosion, colorful and diverse, beautiful shape and good air tightness, especially its social benefits.

In order to ensure the thermal insulation and energy saving effect of buildings in China, the air tightness of the enclosure structure should be maximally raised. According to the design of passive housing for material performance requirements, all outside windowsill, balcony, parapet and other parts of the external insulation layer and the connection of reinforced concrete shear wall structure, the upper surface need to lay the durability and the whole material to match the green green sheet. At present, many representative professionals of the wall insulation integrated manufacturers are seeking new materials that are resistant to corrosion and aging, and are not rusty for 50 years, and maintain beautiful appearance and function. From the comprehensive evaluation of the beauty of the material, the convenience of processing and the durability of the use function, the super durable color coated board is undoubtedly the most ideal choice. The steel used for color coated doors and windows is only 10 ~ 12kg / m, while the old solid steel windows need 22 ~ 25kg / m, and the 256A hollow steel door is L6 ~ 18kg / M. The use of color coated doors and windows can save a lot of steel, reduce construction costs and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the window frame with 0.7 to 0.8mm plate thickness is better than the plastic steel and aluminum alloy profiles, which can effectively control the deformation of the frame and effectively protect the air tightness of the building. At the same time, the thermal conductivity of the color coating plate is only 58.2 W / (m.K), which is far lower than the aluminum alloy profiles. Heat preservation and insulation in buildings and prevent condensation. Because of the corrosion resistance and weatherability of the super durable color coated steel plate, it beautifies the living environment of the people, prolongs the service life of the frame products of doors and windows, reduces the maintenance cost of the building, and has remarkable economic and social benefits.

The conclusion is that the successful development and application of color coated plate have not only improved the market competition ability and economic benefit of the enterprises, but also have obvious social meaning for energy saving and environmental protection, prolonging the life of the building, beautifying the living environment, and advocating green color architecture. Righteousness.