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What are the main uses of galvanized strip steel?
- May 13, 2018 -

Galvanized strip is now mainly used to make steel tubes. Many consumers do not know the product very well. Most of the consumers are aware of this product through galvanized strip news information, such as our common drinking water pipes, gas pipes, and now also used buildings, light workers and cars. In the industry, the construction industry is mainly made into a corrosion resistant industry and our civilian noise reduction housing panel.

The main process of galvanizing and strip production is cold rolling and hot rolling. The main process is a long and narrow steel plate, a layer of zinc on electroplating. In the hot galvanized train, the zinc can be evenly electroplated on the surface of the steel plate, and it has a very good adhesion, and the use of what is very long in use. Life。

Now we use galvanized strip, because the surface plating on a layer of uniform zinc, so in the daily use process, there will be a very good anti-corrosion and rust prevention, can be well in line with our modern application requirements, is now widely used in the building materials, can use a long time, no birth. Rust and good corrosion resistance.