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HUADA New Materials Pay Attention To The Quality Of Products
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Since the work of the quality inspection department, the two words "quality" are too familiar to me. The quality of our daily work is closely related to the quality of our work. Every day we hear, see, talk, or own experience in the process of work, almost all of the quality. For the enterprise, the quality of the product directly determines the development of the enterprise. "Enterprise development, quality first." Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, which is related to the survival and death of the enterprise, and is closely related to the vital interests of every employee. Want to be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, the product is the first card for the enterprise to fight, how to get the first card? China than material approach is to enhance the quality of management and ongoing quality improvement and upgrading.

Hua Daxin board to the chairman, down to the front line of the general staff, quality awareness is very high. Through various training, the company continuously publicize quality culture, imperceptibly affect every employee's thoughts and behaviors, and ensure employees' sense of identity and sense of mission in quality consciousness and viewpoints. Every Friday, the leader of the company will emphasize that the quality of the product is the top priority. Every day, every workshop, each team's class meeting, the workshop director and the team leader will also emphasize the importance of quality repeatedly, so that quality consciousness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In June three, manufacturing company equipped with 3 field inspector in galvanized, mainly to control the quality of the products in the production process. Next, the company will configure the on-site inspectors for each workshop so that the quality of the products will be controlled in a more timely and comprehensive manner. Every morning, the company's vice president, Zhu Yutian, will carry out the quality inspection of the production lines. Liu Gong, chief engineer of the company, attaches great importance to the feedback information of his customers. Once customer feedback is received, he will communicate with and consult with the company leaders and workshop directors in time, and assist the workshop director to solve the quality problems together.

It is worth mentioning that the quality consciousness of workshop front-line staff is also improving. Every process is checked at all levels. The staff at the exit section send products to the quality control room for inspection. When the quality inspection results come out, they will feedback to the production line for the first time, and firmly control the product quality in their hands, so that we can have a good idea of every product.

The development of the enterprise can not be separated from the quality, but can not be separated from the personal character and accomplishment of each employee.  There is no quality without a sense of responsibility. The stronger the sense of responsibility, the more conscientious and more responsible, the better the quality of the product. It is called "human quality creates fine quality, professional achievement professional".

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