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Introduction Of Cold Rolled Steel And Color Steel Plate
- Jun 10, 2018 -

The cold rolled steel plate air shower is the necessary purification equipment for the staff to enter the clean room. It is versatile and can be used with all cleaning rooms and clean rooms, and settle between the cleaning room and the non cleaning room. When people and goods need to be drenched by cold rolled steel plate when they want to get into the clean area, it is necessary to process this equipment, use the weak clean air, spray the nozzle from different directions to the human body, effectively and effectively remove the dust, hair, and shavings on the clothes, which can reduce the people's access to the cleaning room. The problem of pollution. The two front and rear doors of the cold-rolled steel plate are interlocked electronically, which can be activated by the infection of the air brake chamber, and prohibit the pollution of the outside and the air that is not purified into the clean area. To eliminate incidents, people bring hair, dust and bacteria into the workshop to achieve strict dust free purification standards and produce high quality products.

Standard configuration results and characteristics of cold rolled steel sheet:

1. fully automatic control operation, double door electronic interlock, automatic touch spray, and double door locking when stainless steel grid plate blows.

2. cold plate spray molding series, multi-layer acid pickling skills, electrostatic dust-free spray treatment.

3. use stainless steel handle, thickened stainless steel floor and stainless steel nozzle as base.

4. use digital display and shower time. The air shower time is 0~99s and can be adjusted.

Color plate is now diversified and pervades, color plate coating is cold rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate, surface chemical treatment or compound organic film, and then cured and cured products, color plate products are rolled production, also known as color coating, steel plate with high rigidity, easy to form steel. The color steel plate is the new and popularized material in the world today. With the progress of science and technology and the progress of the mass living standard, the color steel plate is becoming more and more powerful and broad market prospect, and is loved by all industries.

Color steel plate with light, high strength, thermal insulation, shock resistance and other interests, color steel plate construction is an integrated high building decoration, color steel plate construction self weight, stitching type and free cutting features, the resolution of its color plate room easy, great progress benefits, time saving, fire-proof sandwich Color plate surface material and thermal insulation material are non combustible materials. It is completely satisfied with the fire model of color plate construction. After many studies, the life of color steel plate can reach more than 30-40 years. It has good structural features. It has also been satisfied and believed by the customers.

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