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Introduction Of Galvanized Sheet Market
- May 17, 2017 -

In recent years, the production of galvanized sheet in China has increased yearly, while the volume of imports is increasing, the growth rate is even higher than the increase of production volume; after deducting production of duplicate statistics, the consumption of galvanized steel plate in Shenyang is about 500,000 tons.

(1) The consumption status of galvanized sheet in recent years, the increase of the production quantity of galvanized sheet is mainly the increase of the production of hot galvanizing plate. 1998-2002, the production of hot-dip galvanized sheet increased from 970,000 tons to 2.2 million tons, while imports grew faster, from 370,000 tons 98 to 1.56 million tons 02, and apparent consumption increased by 1.32 million tons to 3.67 million tons. 2002, the domestic product self-sufficiency rate of hot galvanized sheet was about 60%, the domestic production and imports of hot-dip galvanized plates have increased over the previous year, especially the increase in import volume, mainly due to the increase in demand for the production of hot-dip galvanized sheets for color coated plates, resulting in a decline in domestic product self-sufficiency rates.

(2) Zinc plating consumption status in recent years, with the rapid development of household car market, household appliances, the basic popularity of personal computers, the large number of electronic products export, anti-theft door market development, the demand for galvanized plate has grown too fast. At present, the production scale of galvanized sheet in our country, whether from quantity or variety, quality, can not satisfy the demand of domestic market. 1998-2002, the domestic production of galvanized steel plate grew slowly, from 170,000 tons to 400,000 tons, while the import volume grew rapidly, from 730,000 tons to 1.78 million tons; apparent consumption increased by 870,000 tons to 2.16 million tons. Domestic product self-sufficiency rate of less than 20%. 2. Analysis of the import of galvanized sheet consumption of domestic galvanized steel is mainly dependent on imports. In recent years, the import of zinc plating in Shenyang has grown annually, the imported varieties are mainly galvanized sheet, but the proportion of zinc plating is decreased annually; correspondingly, the import ratio of hot-dip galvanized sheet increases yearly. 2003, China's hot-dip galvanized sheet imports exceeded the amount of zinc plating for the first time.