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The Price Of Color Steel Plate Makes You Slamming
- Jun 10, 2018 -

Good quality and low price, the product is the best value of the customer's favorite, but this product has become a rare product, color steel plate prices in the eyes of the ordinary people is not concerned, but after watching the performance, function, composition of the material, you will feel.

In this era of economic and day and night change, many things are changing all over the world. The price of color plate is changing but its quality is progresses. It can be described as a valuable product. It has the advantages of convenient installation, time saving, material saving, good evenness and high strength. It is especially suitable for the ceiling and partition system. For example, 950 corrugated steel sandwich panels are three times more strength than ordinary flat color steel sandwich panels. The hidden self drilling screws are connected with the roof frame, and the exposure part of the color coating plate is not broken, and the life of the color steel sandwich panels is prolonged; the plate and plate are connected to the cap type, which is convenient for construction and high efficiency, and the maximum characteristic is not easy to seepage. The core plate of rock wool insulation and heat insulation color steel is made of basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, melt into fiber through high temperature, add appropriate binder, solidify and process. The product is suitable for industrial equipment, building, ship insulation, sound insulation, and so on. It is also suitable for purifying rooms, explosion-proof fireproof workshop ceiling, partition and so on. PU polyurethane color steel sandwich plate, the bond strength of the sandwich plate is not less than 0.09MPa, the combustion performance of the sandwich plate reaches B1, and the flexural capacity of the sandwich plate is Lo/200 (Lo is the distance between the supports), the flexural capacity of the sandwich plate is not less than 0.5Kn/m2. These examples prove that the price of the color steel plate is a fair and reasonable product, and the price setting of the color steel plate is proved by strength.

Maybe when you don't know the color steel plate, you don't know its performance, function, and its advantages, you are not so sensitive to the price of color steel plate, so it is attracted to it, but when you find it, and understand it thoroughly, you should be the fair price of it!