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The Production Steps Of Color Coated Galvanized Steel Plate
- Nov 13, 2017 -


Color coated galvanized steel plates are color precoated steels. It is very popular in China. Here is the production steps.

1. Uncoilers.

It is used to transport the color plates stably and safely.

2. Sewing machines.

It is used to sew the plate and strip.

3. Tensioners.

It is the  pull and tension system.

4. Uncoil loops.

It ensures the time of providing strips.

5. Alkali wash degrease

It cleans the greasy and residue on the placodes.

6. Cleanings

People uses the water to clean rinsing.

7. Drying.

After the cleanings, people use the drying oven to bake the coated steel, preparing for the first time coating.

8. Initial coating

It coats the black and reverse side.

9. Drying

The temperature is very important. And it prepares for the refined coating.

10. Finishing coating

It coats the main color on the placode according to the customers’ demands.

11. Drying

It is the second drying process, which is really important.

12. Air patenting and coating

The temperature of the products is very high after out of the drying oven. During this process, the temperature is below 40 degree.

13. Rolling loops.

It ensures the time to scroll down.

14. Winding machine

It ensures the edging when it rolls. And the quality should  proved to be qualified for delivery in conformity with standard.