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The Use Precautions Of Galvalume Steel Sheet
- Nov 14, 2017 -


The galvalume steel sheet has been widely used in many industry area because of it’s high quality and economical efficiency, such as the building-use inside and outside plate, electrical appliances, auto parts and so on. Of course, there also inevitably appears many problems in the use of the process at the same time. In order to solve these problems and serve our customers better, with years of production experience and the summary of customer communication , the staff in HUADA summarizes some use precautions of galvalume steel sheet on the three aspects of storage, transportation and process.

1.Storage: The galvalume steel sheet should be stored in the warehouse and other indoor place, to keep dry and ventilated, not stay in the acid climate for a long time. The outdoor storage should prevent rain, and avoid condensation caused by oxidation stains.

2.Transportation: In order to avoid coil collapsing and impacting, during the transportation process of galvalume steel coil, HAUDA use the wooden pallet and plate to support the steel coil all the time, and it reduce the damage of overmuch stacking. Besides, we also need do the waterproof measures during the transportation.

3.Process: It is needed to use the same lubricating oil with aluminum sheet when cutting and processing the galvalume steel sheet. When need to drill or cut the galvalume steel plate, users should promptly remove the scattered iron filings, and coat lubricating oil or anti-rust oil in the cutting place.